Time for a History lesson…. The White Hart, located in the Corn Market, is one of the oldest buildings in Wimborne. The building dates back to 1648 and was originally used as the stabling for the Wimborne Minster.

It then went on to be a holding place for the local constabulary, waiting for the Assizes. The Assizes court formerly sat at intervals in each county of England and Wales to administer the civil and criminal law. In 1972, the civil jurisdiction of assizes was transferred to the High Court, and the criminal jurisdiction to the Crown Court.

The White Hart cellar was originally used as an abattoir by local pig farmers. In the 1980s, this became a games room and then it became the cellar as it is known today.

The front of The White Hart, was added in 1798 hence the regency windows and the fact that it is so much shorter than all of the surrounding buildings. The Masons Lodge next door used to be the United Reformed Church. Wimborne Model Town used to be located in the back of the pub (where there are now houses) until they relocated to their current location in King Street.